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Marmalade Lion’s universal pushchair liners bring comfort, style and practicality to your buggy! We know how important it is to get out and about when you have small children, but we know just how tricky that can be, too. We’ve worked hard to cover all the details and make your child’s pushchair as practical, as comfy and as cosy as can be!

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Spills happen (we know!), so we’ve made sure our pushchair liner covers are easy to remove and pop in the washing machine. You can buy extra covers to use while you wash– in a collection of stunning hand-illustrated designs with an emphasis on Australian flora and fauna. We also offer a stunning ethical, sustainable and washable Australian Wool Pushchair liner, perfect for cooler months and the snooziest set-up for babes on the move!
The insert within the cover is waterproof too– no more festering dirt in the crevices of your buggy liner! Fits all buggies, prams and pushchairs. Use for all seasons– warm weather and cool– it will match your baby's temperature keeping them comfortable no matter if it's Summer or Winter!
You will love your Marmalade Lion UK Pushchair Liner. Read our fabulous reviews to find out why!

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